There is a fierce battle being fought in the realm of craft beer packaging. Cans vs Bottles. Glass vs Aluminium. Modernity vs Tradition. We know bottles look cool and have a certain nostalgic charm but the benefits of canning speak for themselves. Cans lay an almighty smackdown in every area other than aesthetics, which is why we developed the sexiest can design possible for our Untraditional Lager. Here are some of the reasons why we use cans at Pillars Brewery:

  • UV light can penetrate glass bottles, particularly green and clear glass, which degrades hop compounds. When beer is compromised by light it a compound called MBT develops which both tastes and smells bad. Beer nerds, like us, often refer to this as lightstruck or skunky beer. Strangely some people quite like the taste of skunky beer but we refer to them simply as the ‘heathens’.
  • Cans have a ‘double crimped’ air tight seal which is more efficient at keeping out air than a bottle. This is important because when air creeps in oxidation occurs and kills off flavoursome antioxidants, resulting in stale beer. If brewers could build an impenetrable wall between oxygen and beer, and then try to make oxygen pay for it, then they definitely would go full Trump.
  • Not only is the humble tinny much lighter to carry than it’s bottle equivalent, but they also more likely to withstand a turbulent journey. No broken glass and spillages in your cooler box or backpack!
  • Aluminium conducts heat more efficiently than glass, meaning that the beer in cans cools quicker than beer bottles. You can chill your cans of lager to their optimum drinking temperature much faster, which I think we can agree is always a matter of great urgency.
  • Small, lightweight and stackable: Cans are perfect for storing on shelves and in refrigerators. Space efficiency is important when it means squeezing two extra tinnies into the drawer in your fridge that is meant for vegetables.
  • A beer can is much more low maintenance than it’s diva sibling, the glass bottle. No additional equipment is required to open a can due the handy ring pull feature. Put down the bottle opener!
  • Aluminium cans weigh considerably less than bottles and are physically smaller in sizes. This means that a larger number can be shipped at once as well as using a lower amount of shipping fuel. Cans are also recycled at much higher rate than glass bottles- in fact they are they world’s most recycled packaging.