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Our venues are temporarily closed to the public due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime, our Untraditional Bottle Shop will provide a free delivery service to all E17 addresses. Deliveries will take place on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Please email your orders to [email protected]

Pick'n'Mix - Selection of 12 Beers (330ml) £36

Big Drop Pale Ale 0.5%
Gipsy Hill Bandit 3.8%
Gypsy Hill Hepcat 4.6%
Kona Big Wave 4.4%
Lervig No Worries 0.5%
Magic Rock Saucery 3.9%
Maisels Weisse 5.1%
Northern Monk Eternal 4.1%
Pillars Spicebox IPL 4.5%
Rebell Helles 4.8%
Siren Broken Dream 6.5%
Tiny Rebel Stay Puft 5.2%
Tiny Rebel Tropicana 5.5%
Westmalle Dubbel 7%
Wild Beer Bibble 4.2%

Pick'n'Mix - Selection of 6 Beers £29

Geuze Boon Black Label 8.0%
Half Acre Volo 5.0%
Lervig Magellanic Clouds 3.5%
Pillars Icebock 8.0%
Siren Big Red Machine 5.8%
Siren Every Minute Matters 7.2%
Siren In the Belly of a Shark  6.2%
Siren Refractions Session IPA 4.2%
Siren Sins 6.66%
Siren Virtues 7%

Pillars Cases 24 £39

24x Rebell Helles
24x Spicebox IPL
24x Untraditional Lager
(Available late April- pre-order now)


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