Brewery and Taproom

Our East London brewery is the beating heart of our operation and the headquarters of a lager revolution. We work here. We brew here. We serve beer here. We have an open plan brewery and taproom so you can see exactly where our beers are born.

Comrades in the quest for great craft lager travel from afar to visit our Walthamstow brewery.

We have taproom exclusive craft lagers on regular rotation and shit-hot street food pop-ups in residence. Members of the Pillars Brewery team are always knocking about to answer your questions, wax lyrical about the lager and have a good old beer-related geek out. Dogs and kids are welcome.


We don't just brew and sling beer!

Our taproom and lager locomotive are on hand for events, festivals and all manner of lager-supping scenarios.

Untraditional requests, such as your poodle's bar mitzvah, are always encouraged. Drop us a line with your deepest desires at [email protected]

 Unit 2, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Walthamstow, E17 9HQ