We have a CANpaign to make sure every last person in this fine kingdom has access to outstanding lager. We are overjoyed to announce our landmark Untraditional Lager will now be available in convenient, sexy-looking cans for your drinking pleasure. Enjoy the refreshing taste of Untraditional Lager in the comfort of your own home, on the go or anywhere that takes your fancy. The world is your lager-supping oyster!

Our brewery is a collaboration between the Pillars and our loyal customers (that’s you!), so it only seems fair to share every awesomely geeky step of our canning process with you! We employed the services of Crown Bevcan to help make our canning dreams a reality. Those guys know their shit when it comes to cans! Our trip to the Leicester manufacturing site was all kinds of awesome and we took a look at the birth place of our precious baby tinnies.

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