January 15, 2019

Six Nations Bottomless Brunch


Rugby and lager lovers unite! How better to kick back and watch the Six Nations than in your local brewery with your favourite lagers on tap? How about with two big screens, unlimited beer, and a pizza!


Pillars Brewery presents our Six Nations Bottomless Brunch! Pick up a ticket for your match of choice to enjoy reserved seating, a pizza and as much Pillars lager as you like for the entirety of the game. You heard us right! UNLIMITED BEER from kick off until the final whistle blows.



France v Wales, Friday Feb 1, 8.00pm (UK & Ireland), Paris

Scotland v Italy, Saturday Feb 2, 2.15pm, Edinburgh

Ireland v England, Saturday Feb 2, 4.45pm, Dublin


Scotland v Ireland, Saturday Feb 9, 2.15pm, Edinburgh

Italy v Wales, Saturday Feb 9, 4.45pm (UK & Ireland), Rome

England v France, Sunday Feb 10, 3.00pm, Twickenham


France v Scotland, Saturday Feb 23, 2.15pm (UK & Ireland), Paris

Wales v England, Saturday Feb 23, 4.45pm, Cardiff

Italy v Ireland, Sunday Feb 24, 3.00pm (UK & Ireland), Rome


Ireland v France, Sunday Mar 10, 3.00pm, Dublin


Italy v France, Saturday Mar 16, 12.30pm (UK & Ireland), Rome

Wales v Ireland, Saturday Mar 16, 2.45pm, Cardiff

England v Scotland, Saturday Mar 16, 5.00pm Twickenham

Each ticket entitles the buyer to:

-One pizza

-Unlimited lager for the length of the match

-A reserved seat for the match

December 10, 2018

Why The UK Needs A National Lager Day

Did you know that in the US the 10th of December is celebrated as National Lager Day? It’s no secret that we love lager, and shockingly, as we don’t have an equivalent celebration of lager in the UK we have decided to stage our own boozy jubilee. Lager is often underrated and misunderstood in the UK craft scene, and considering that lager accounts for 65% of UK beer sales (The Cask Report 2018) it seems about time that we should celebrate it’s hoppy goodness in this country too. The US is light-years ahead of the UK in its appreciation of this universal drink, and it’s about time we caught up. Whilst the nation’s IPA obsession reaches fever pitch, we think that the UK needs it’s own National Lager Day and here are a few reasons why.

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March 28, 2018

Why Beer Cans Are Better Than Beer Bottles

There is a fierce battle being fought in the realm of craft beer packaging. Cans vs Bottles. Glass vs Aluminium. Modernity vs Tradition. We know bottles look cool and have a certain nostalgic charm but the benefits of canning speak for themselves. Cans lay an almighty smackdown in every area other than aesthetics, which is why we developed the sexiest can design possible for our Untraditional Lager. Here are some of the reasons why we use cans at Pillars Brewery:

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March 22, 2018

YES WE CAN! How we can our lager

We have a CANpaign to make sure every last person in this fine kingdom has access to outstanding lager. We are overjoyed to announce our landmark Untraditional Lager will now be available in convenient, sexy-looking cans for your drinking pleasure. Enjoy the refreshing taste of Untraditional Lager in the comfort of your own home, on the go or anywhere that takes your fancy. The world is your lager-supping oyster!

Our brewery is a collaboration between the Pillars and our loyal customers (that’s you!), so it only seems fair to share every awesomely geeky step of our canning process with you! We employed the services of Crown Bevcan to help make our canning dreams a reality. Those guys know their shit when it comes to cans! Our trip to the Leicester manufacturing site was all kinds of awesome and we took a look at the birth place of our precious baby tinnies.

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