Pillars Brewery began like all craft breweries ought to: in a garden shed belonging to a long-suffering Mum (thanks Mrs Razaq!). We wanted to prove that a craft lager could be as tasty as its ale counterparts, and so re-inventing lager became our first mission. After years of experiments, like a Pinky and Brain tribute act, we succeeded in developing a radical new lager recipe and swiftly set up shop in Walthamstow. We are bringing the lager revolution to London: Great beer without the nasties. Innovation and quality is at the heart of what we do. Pillars Brewery will keep on creating untraditional, groundbreaking beer whilst maintaining the integrity of traditional beer making principles. We like to think of ourselves as brave Knights of the Lager Realm. Loyal Protectors of Hoppy Honour. Pioneering Alchemists of Craft Beer perfection. Okay, okay we’ll cut the bullshit. We’re four blokes who happen to make a cracking lager.


At Pillars Brewery we get our kicks from combining the best ingredients from across the world to create new, adventurous and, above all, delicious beers. Remaining true to this ethos, our first flagship beer is a pioneering combination of a Pilsner and an India Pale Ale. We even threw in some US West Coast hops to add an extra dimension of flavour. Untraditional Lager is a session IPL, which is very new and largely undefined style. It’s similar to an IPA with a clean lager finish. The Pillars Brewery team is currently beavering away to bring you more innovative beer creations that break the mould and delight the taste buds. Purity
We believe that innovation should be built upon the traditional principles of beer brewing. In accordance with the Bavarian Beer Purity Law, our beer is brewed using only the four essential ingredients: Water, Hops, Malt and Yeast. ‘What is the Barvarian Beer Purity Law?’ we hear you cry! Well, it’s a German law that protects the integrity and quality of beer. A beverage can only be bestowed with the proud title of ‘beer’ if it is produced using four main ingredients: water, malted barley, hops and yeast. Most of the mainstream lagers we drink in the UK can’t even be called ‘beer’ under this law! We Are Lager
Lager is complex to brew and a hugely under-rated beer. Most of the mainstream lagers in the UK are tasteless, boring and can’t even be classified as beer according to the Barvarian Beer Purity law. We wanted to challenge the negative preconceptions of lager and create a REAL lager that craft beer drinkers could really appreciate. We believe lager is for everyone; from craft beer aficionados to your Nan’s weekly half a pint during bingo. This bad rep is exactly what we hope to smash by pushing the boundaries of a beer style that has been neglected for centuries. Long Conditioning
Many breweries only condition their beers for a couple of weeks. At Pillars Brewery we are proud to go hardcore with our conditioning; all our beers are cold-conditioned for a minimum of five weeks in tanks. Why? Because this improves the quality of the beer and our perfectionism is out of control. Four week conditioning creates a crisp, clean finish and removes those nasty off-flavours found in beer that has been rushed. Finally, as a parting gift, our freshly conditioned beer is dry hopped to add a fresh burst of hop aroma.Kegs Not Cask
All of our beers are kegged for freshness and style. Kegs operate at a higher pressure than casks and therefore allow higher carbonation levels in the final beer. The high carbonation enhances the hop aroma and creates a mouthfeel that supports the beer style. Freshness is major benefit- we try to deliver our beer as fresh as possible and kegs are perfect for this. Kegs also allow for the beer to be served at the correct temperature, which ensures the drinking experience is appropriately epic.Developed By You
Our lager recipes are all lead by your taste buds! We tweak, change and create our beer based on your feedback. Pillars Brewery is a democratic utopia where all our patrons get a say! We conduct regular taste testing sessions whilst developing our products so our customers are the ones who choose which beers make the final cut. You’ll find a feedback form here where you can send us comments about our existing beers and submit ideas for new ones.The Co-Pillars
Gavin: Lean, mean cleaning machine. Fucking loves Star San.
Omar: Pillow fetishist. Prefers to be known as the ‘Arabic Prince’.
Eamonn: Accidently lived his 23rd year twice.
Samie: The world’s first and only teetotal brewery owner (probably).


Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8521 5552

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Pillars Brewery, Walthamstow.
Unit 2, Ravenswood Industrial Estate London. E17 9HQ

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