Free Keg Social Media Competition

Did somebody say free beer? That's right, we are giving away a whole keg of Untraditional Lager (thats 53 pints!), to one lucky winner. To enter simply head over to either our Facebook or Twitter account, like/follow the page and then share/retweet the post featuring...

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YES WE CAN! How We Can Our Lager

We have a CANpaign to make sure every last person in this fine kingdom has access to outstanding lager. We are overjoyed to announce our landmark Untraditional Lager will now be available in convenient, sexy-looking cans for your drinking pleasure. Enjoy the...

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Why Beer Cans Are Better Than Beer Bottles

There is a fierce battle being fought in the realm of craft beer packaging. Cans vs Bottles. Glass vs Aluminium. Modernity vs Tradition. We know bottles look cool and have a certain nostalgic charm but the benefits of canning speak for themselves. Cans lay an almighty...

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Pillars Beer Pancakes

Do you know what tastes great with pancakes? Beer! A tasty beer can add all kinds of amazing flavours to your pancakes, and the carbonation produces a light, fluffy batter. We recommend an Untraditional Lager but any beer will work well. For a dairy-free pancake just...

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