Who the bleeding ‘ell are you?

We like to think of ourselves as brave Knights of the Lager Realm. Loyal Protectors of Hoppy Honour. Pioneering Alchemists of Craft Beer perfection. Okay, okay we said no bullshit. We’re four blokes who happen to make a cracking lager.

Why are you called Pillars Brewery?

We are named Pillars Brewery after the Pillars of brewing. The Pillars are what our brewery is built upon. We worship at the feet of the Pillars of brewing like a beer-crazed cult of lager fanatics. It’s our belief that the best quality beer is produced when certain principles are upheld. These principles draw upon both the best parts of beer-making tradition and the fresh innovation that modern brewing techniques can provide. We call these principles the ‘Pillars’ of brewing. You can read more about the Pillars of brewing here.

Where are you based?

Big up the Stow! We live in Unit 2, Ravenswood Wood Industrial Estate, Walthamstow, E17 9HQ.

Is your beer brewed in Walthamstow?

You had better believe it babes. ‘Born + Brewed in Walthamstow’ ain’t our tagline for nothing! Our brewery is located in Walthamstow and all our beer is brewed in our brewery. Simple.

What beers do you brew?

Our first-born beer is an adventurous combination of a Pilsner and a hoppy India Pale Ale. Untraditional Lager uses modern varieties of ingredients found in the traditional beer formula: Beer = Water + Malted Barley + Hops + Yeast. No substitutes. No cheap alternatives.

Our contemporary brewing techniques are combined with the traditional brewing principles often ignored by lager producers in pursuit of profit. Throw in four weeks of cold conditioning, a dry hopping finale and you’ve got yourself some damn delicious lager.


Why lager?

Lager is complex to brew and a hugely under-rated beer. Most of the mainstream lagers in the UK are tasteless, boring and can’t even be classified as beer according to the Barvarian Beer Purity law. We wanted to challenge the negative preconceptions of lager and create a REAL lager that craft beer drinkers could really appreciate.

Isn’t lager the tipple of choice for those with under-developed tastebuds and football hooligans?

Don’t be lagerist! We believe lager is for everyone; from craft beer aficionados to your Nan’s weekly half a pint during bingo. This bad rep is exactly what we hope to smash by pushing the boundaries of a beer style that has been neglected for centuries.


How many people work at Pillars Brewery?

Currently it’s just the four co-founders, a few freelancers and a dog called Dragon.

Where can I drink your beer?

We have a list of stockists on our ‘Buy Our Beer’ page or, better yet, come down to our taproom and say hi!


What the heck is a taproom?

Essentially our taproom is a room in which we sell our beer. The Pillars Brewery taproom is open plan and attached to the brewery, so you can knock back a cold Untraditional Lager in the same place the magic happens. We’ve got cool artwork by local creatives, snacks and refreshments along with some belting music. There are also exclusive taproom only specials on tap!

Do you sell bottled or canned beer?

Not at the moment, but watch this space!

Why do you only use kegs?

We are big fans of kegs for a few reasons. Kegs operate at a higher pressure than casks and therefore allow higher carbonation levels in the final beer. The high carbonation enhances the hop aroma and creates a mouthfeel that supports the beer style. Freshness is major benefit- we try to deliver our beer as fresh as possible and kegs are perfect for this. Kegs also allow for the beer to be served at the correct temperature, which ensures the drinking experience is appropriately epic.


Is your beer gluten free?

Our Untraditional Lager is made using malted barley, which does contain gluten.

Is your beer suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

It most certainly is! We don’t use finings so our beer is 100% free from animal products.

Can I stock your beer?

What a great idea! We would love for you to stock our beer. Please check out ‘Buy our beer’ page and get in touch for a chat.

What’s next for Pillars Brewery?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world. Seriously though, we are working tirelessly to bring you more innovative beer creations and continue to fly the flag for outstanding quality brewing in Walthamstow, London and beyond. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to hear about our latest products and events.

Have a question we haven’t answered? Get in touch!

Have a question we haven’t answered? Get in touch here!


Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8521 5552

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Pillars Brewery, Walthamstow.
Unit 2, Ravenswood Industrial Estate London. E17 9HQ

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