Meet our first-born and all time favourite (don’t tell the other children). Untraditional Lager will challenge all preconceptions of lager as a boring, tasteless beer and put them on their arse. We’ve combined ingredients from all over the world and, like a power-crazed geneticist, have created a hybrid mightier than a liger (seriously, look that shit up!). Our lager is an adventurous combination of a Pilsner and a hoppy India Pale Ale.Untraditional Lager combines the ultra-soft water profile found in Pilsen, the delicious flavour of local British malts, the citrus, fruity and pine-like aromas found in USA West Coast hops and the clean, crisp finish that Czech lager yeast is famous for. No additives. No adjuncts. No nonsense. Just one boundary-crushing lager.Have you ever heard of the ‘Bavarian Beer Purity Law’? Basically, in Germany, beer is only bestowed with the proud title of ‘beer’ if it is produced using four main ingredients: water, malted barley, hops and yeast. Most of the mainstream lagers we drink in the UK can’t even be called ‘beer’ under this law! This means that the lager you have been drinking for many years IS NOT EVEN BEER! The bloody cheek of it!So, much like noble warriors of lager, we decided to bring REAL lager back to the masses! Using the four main ingredients and a little creative flair we have reinvented lager. Months of product testing finally gave birth to a lager that a craft beer drinker could really appreciate.


Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8521 5552

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Pillars Brewery, Walthamstow.
Unit 2, Ravenswood Industrial Estate London. E17 9HQ

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